New ESK8 Events Calendar

New ESK8 Events Calendar

We Now Have An
 Electric Skateboarding
 Events Calendar!

Wondering where the other ESK8 shredders are in your town? Have a local electric skateboard event to share with the skater community? We can hook you up!



ElectricSkateHQ.com now has a live EVENTS CALENDAR where you can look up upcoming races and group rides. Click on the SUBSCRIBE button at the bottom of the listings to be notified when new events are posted.

Have an event to post? Just send us an email with details and a link or email to share with our ESK8 community to Info@ElectricSkateHQ.com. Who knows... We may even be able to provide you some ESK8HQ Team Swag for event prizes!

Here is our current TEAM MELODY ESK8HQ Rider and Swag:

And, here are 2 upcoming ESK8HQ Teams to watch for; TEAM GNAR MAN and TEAM SKEETER:

With more EXCITING Teams* to come...

Check our EVENTS CALENDAR for an event near you. Then, watch for ElectricSkateHQ Team ESK8HQ Swag at an Electric Skateboarding Race or Group Ride event near you.

And remember, we're here to help you electrify your ride!



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Melody, Gnar Man and Skeeter illustrated by Gavin Weir ,NYC @artmerc83.
*Melody Design, Gnar Man Design, Skeeter Design, ESK8HQ, and "Team Melody", "Team Gnar Man" Copyright 2018 Electric Skate Headquarters, LLC.

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August 03, 2019

Send me info. On the group rides

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