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Battery Charging Safety

Battery Charging Safety

At ElectricSkateHQ we can't stress enough how important it is to understand your electric skateboard's battery, electronics, and mechanics for effective maintenance and safety. In this article we will discuss battery voltage and charging considerations. There are definitely some critical Do's and Don'ts in caring for your board's lithium battery. 


ElectricSkateHQ.com Electric Skate Headquarters Electric Skateboard Battery Safety Article


Today's Electric Skateboards are propelled by compact rechargeable and relatively safe Lithium-ion battery cells. These batteries characteristically have a high energy density and low self-discharge rate, making them an ideal fuel system when combined in multi-cell battery packs for long uninterrupted electric vehicle rides. It is thanks to these energy powerhouses combined with circuit board technology and brushless motor advances that it is possible for you to enjoy shredding on your skateboard with an electric assist.

It's super important for your board's operating safety and longevity to understand how to care for the battery. Read on for tips on how to maintain your electric skateboard's battery in top shape and what to watch out for to save yourself the hastle of damaging your battery or entire e-skateboard.


Did you know that your e-board battery cell packs carry different voltage (V) ratings? A battery's VOLTAGE is a measure of it's energy potential. In an electric skateboard, individual lithium-ion battery cells are each approximately 2-4V and are combined into battery packs of 12V, 24V, etc.  Most electric skateboards run on a total battery voltage of 24V, 36V or 42V, but some monster boards run even higher.


Lithium ion batteries cannot accept an over voltage charger! They become unstable if charged to a higher votage than the maximum voltage specified and may even flame out. Always use the original manufacturer's equipment for your e-board charging so that the maximum voltage through the charger does not exceed the total voltage rating for the board's battery pack.

The specifications for your electric skateboard charger should appear on the power supply along with certifications and warnings like the Landwheel L3-X model power supply below. This one reads 42V-2A and indicates the CAUTION: risk of electric shock, dry location use only.

ElectricSkateHQ.com Electric Skate Headquarters Electric Skateboard LandwheL3-X Battery Charger

Your electric skateboard manufacturer will include the proper voltage power supply with the charger for your board's batteries in the box when you purchase your e-skateboard. USE THE ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER'S CHARGER ONLY to recharge your board battery. Not all chargers are alike even if their SHAPE appears the same, and many even have different shapes.

ElectricSkateHQ.com Electric Skate Headquarters Electric Skateboard Acton Blink Lite Battery Charger

Acton Blink Lite V2 Electric
Skateboard Battery Charger

ElectricSkateHQ.com Electric Skate Headquarters Electric Skateboard Landwheel Battery Charger
Landwheel L3-X Gen 5 Electric Skateboard Battery Charger











ElectricSkateHQ.com Electric Skate Headquarters Electric Skateboard TeamGee H6 Battery Charger

TeamGee H6 Pintail Electric
Skateboard Battery Charger



Unless you have a thorough knowledge of battery mechanics and electrical engineering, DO NOT attempt to charge your electric skateboard with another manufacturer's charger! If you do and the voltage of the substituted charger is higher than the voltage rating of your skateboard's battery, it could cause the following to happen to your board:

Picture from Instagram of burned out skateboard,
and YES -> 

Not only can it be dangerous to use another manufacturer's charger with your electric skateboard, doing so may also void your manufacturer's warranty.

Here is the warning we have placed on every one of our skateboard product listings on our website regarding the importance of using the correct charger for your electric skateboard:

WARNING: Never attempt to use a battery charger other than the original manufacturer's equipment to charge your Electric Skateboard. Doing so may risk damaging the battery, will void the warranty and may even result in fire.


Your e-skate's lithium ion batteries (skateboard and in many cases the remote as well) should be charged at room temperature. Excessively high or low temperature environments are to be avoided.

Lithium-based batteries should always stay cool while on charge. Temporaily discontinue the use of your electric skateboard or disconnect the battery from a charger if the battery temperature rises more than 10ºC / 18ºF above your environment's temperature under normal use or when on it's charger.

ElectricSkateHQ.com Electric Skate Headquarters Electric Skateboard Increasing Heat Thermometer regarding Battery Temperature

And, here's another consideration...don't attempt to charge your electric skateboard battery in freezing conditions: 

"Another safety issue is cold temperature charging. Consumer grade lithium-ion batteries cannot be charged below 0°C (32°F). Although the packs appear to be charging normally, plating of metallic lithium occurs on the anode while on a sub-freezing charge. The plating is permanent and cannot be removed. If done repeatedly, such damage can compromise the safety of the pack. The battery will become more vulnerable to failure if subjected to impact, crush or high rate charging."

So with freezing being a concern with Lithium-ion batteries... Don't charge your electric skateboard in a room or garage setting where the temperature is 0°C (32°F) or less!


Charge your electric skateboard in a DRY place. Moisture, even if it is in the air as high humidity, can enter your e-board's battery compartment as condensation or even be present at the receptacle where the charger plugs into the battery case or battery compartment. This is especially critical if you have been caught in snow, sprinklers, or a sudden rain shower.

Be sure to thoroughly wipe the area around where your battery charger will enter the battery casing in order to be sure it is clean and dry before plugging the charger plug into your wall.

There is a risk of electric shock if moisture is present when you plug in your power supply, and this can not only hurt your skateboard's battery, it can even fry the e-board's electric circuitry. This would be 'no bueno' and may even void your manufacturer's warranty, so take this issue seriously!


ElectricSkateHQ.com Electric Skate Headquarters Electric Skateboard Battery Charger Receptacle with CoverMost electric skateboard batteries have a rubber cover over the battery charge receptacle. Remove it gently so as not to break the rubber leash holding it on to the e-board battery case and be sure it is fully re-seated in the receptacle after removing the charger from the battery cage. A nice snug battery receptacle plug will prevent dust or moisture from entering the charging connection and this will make your e-skateboard very happy!


Lithium-ion batteries have a low self-discharge rate. Because of this, your electric skateboard battery should stay well charged if you are riding and charging it regularly. If you will be going through periods of not riding your board, it is advisable to charge your board once every 3-4 weeks for about an hour or until your charger indicates the battery is fully charged. Be sure to check your e-skate's manufacturer user manual for their charging recommendations.

If you avoid having your battery fully charge or fully discharge, it actually reduces the stress on the battery and prolongs it's life! With this in mind, when riding your electric skateboard, keep an eye on your battery charge level (usually indicated on the remote or the battery case itself) and recharge when there is still a little juice in it.

ElectricSkateHQ.com Electric Skate Headquarters Electric Skateboard Atom B10X All Terrain Off Road

Atom Electric B10.X All Terrain Skateboard

When charging your electric skateboard battery don't "set it and forget it". It is best to be present in the area where your electric skateboard is charging and disconnect the battery from the charger in 2-3 hours time, depending on the manufacturer's charge time indicated for the charger.

Check the temperature of the battery case while charging to be sure the temperature is not elevated more than 10ºC / 18ºF above room temperature. If you do feel the battery heating up, disconnect the charger and return it to charge after the battery has fully cooled to room temperature.



Knowing how to keep your battery safe and well maintained while charging will provide you years of gnarly e-board rides. Here's a quick checklist for you to remember best charging practices:

  • Always use the original equipment manufacturer's charger.
  • Charge the battery for the length of time recommended by the manufacturer, and no longer, in order to preserve long term battery life.
  • Be present while charging the e-skateboard battery and check the battery temperature during the charging process.
  • If the skateboard battery feels warmer than 10ºC / 18ºF above room temperature while charging, remove the charger and allow the battery to cool to room temperature before resuming charging.
  • Charge the electric skateboard battery for up to 1 hour every 3-4 weeks when not riding. 
  • Help prolong Lithium-ion battery life by not fully charging or fully discharging the battery.
  • Avoid moisture and dust in the charging receptacle area to prevent shock when connecting the charger to the battery case.
  • Avoid excessively high or low temperature environments when charging.
  • DO NOT charge the battery in freezing conditions.

 Now go have a blast on your electrified ride!

The ElectricSkateHQ Team
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Paul Shaw
Paul Shaw

November 13, 2019

Thanks very helpful information. We have a motorhome. Do any electric skateboards come with a 12v charger ( cigarette charger) so I can charger from either our leisure batteries or via the vehicle engine when we travelling from location to location. Thanks Paul

Gary LaFreniere
Gary LaFreniere

August 03, 2019

Is it safe to charge your battery to partly charge 30 minutes just to keep the battery going to your next destination? Let me know sincerely Gary

Aaron Lal
Aaron Lal

January 12, 2019

Thanks for sharing the post! You have shared an informative post about electric skateboard battery charging. The tips you have shared are quite amazing. Keep up the good work.

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