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Meet The Atom Electric Team

Meet The Atom Electric Team

Electric Skate Headquarters would like to introduce you to our Atom Electric Skateboard buds, the amazing guys Joel and Jason Lee, and their awesome team. And, YES, Jason really did do an insane backflip over a pit of LIVE ALLIGATORS 🐊 😲. Read on for more juicy deets...

Brothers Jason and Joel Lee of Atom Electric Skateboards

Joel & Jason Lee

Remember the good old days where all you had to think about was skating over to the lake and watching tadpoles turn to frogs? Behold, the evolution of animals... And now, the Electric Skateboard is that fully-grown classroom pet frog that everyone wants to get their hands on!  Excited to hop across town in no time? Thanks to brothers Jason and Joel Lee, now you can with Atom Electric Skateboards!

In the early 1990s, Jason and Joel's garage was a breeding ground for modified skateboards galore. Eventually, together with their buddy Patrick McCornnell, these guys turned their passionate hobby into a full fledged business - MBS Mountainboards, a product designed to allow the guys to extend their love of snowboarding to the summertime.

Most people don’t know that MBS Mountainboards were the roots of today's Atom boards --> In the 2000s Marc Jenkins joined MBS and his vision inspired the launch of Atom Longboards, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  And their timing couldn't have been any better; not long after that longboarding basically went viral. That success has led the team to exciting new opportunities, like introducing Atom ELECTRICS!

Believe it or not, Atom Electric was inspired by loyal boarding fans who started DIY projects to electrify MBS Mountainboards and Atom Longboards. According to Joel, “that caught our eye and a few electric brands started popping up around that same time so we thought… perfect, another chance to design, ride, and share some amazing new [skateboards] with the world.” As with most new innovations, research and development took longer than expected.


"It took longer than we originally thought it would.  A lot of work goes into producing a quality electric skateboard. " Joel Lee









 Putting tons of time and energy into every aspect of each individual eboard design, the Atom team of experienced riders is the driving force behind the line. Their belief is, “Everyone is going to own an electric skateboard one day," why not have it be the best from a trustworthy US brand with a proven track record?  With the MBS and Atom company's 20 years of expertly engineered designs, extreme riding tests and hands-on customer service, there are already over a hundred thousand Atom boards out there making customers happy on a daily basis.

Joel Lee flying on an Atom Skateboard

Joel Lee

Here's a breakdown of their current favorite Atom Electric Skateboards from the guys:

MARC --> Marc’s favorite board is the new H16D Carbon board we just launched.  It has enough power to climb hills, enough acceleration to inspire a smile, and enough top speed to keep things interesting, and the carbon deck just looks AMAZING!   

JASON --> Jason is loving the B10.X1 All-Terrain Electric Skateboard.  It comes stock with the MBS 100mm All-Terrain Longboard wheels.  He has a lot of dirt roads and rough pavement around where he lives and that board just eats it all up.

JOEL --> Joel's favorite is pretty much whichever one he's designing and testing at the time. With a workshop full of boards, Joel is basically living the dream!  "My every day board, for just a quick run to the fish and chip shop (our R&D office is in Australia) is probably the B10 (belt drive). It’s small and light but there is so much more to this board than meets the eye. It has serious power for such a small board because we use high-current Samsung 25R cells for it. Fun! - I love the H10 (hub motors) as well though. The acceleration is pretty mellow, and the bamboo deck just feels so comfortable. It’s like a Cadillac. Real cruisy. It just depends on my mood!"






Joel Lee Jumping on MBS Mountainboard Skateboard"Unlike most companies we have a full line of boards, one for every budget and riding style (even off-road).  Also, we’re riders ourselves so we know what our customers actually want and we design our boards accordingly. These days there are so many faceless companies pumping out whatever their marketing guys say is going to be hot for Christmas. Don’t buy from those guys. Ultimately it comes down to trust and the fact we’ve been in this business for over 20 years now is proof we stand behind our products and our customers."  Joel Lee







Since Jason and Joel are not only brothers by birth, but also brothers in arms for skateboarding; they have surrounded themselves with friends and co-workers who share their vision for rad rides and excellence in a business with a chill vibe, and yet at the same time, they are very serious as a team to stay on the cutting edge of development. And a fun fact: music is a big part of their company culture, so that might be the first thing you'd notice if you visit their office and warehouse in Colorado Springs.

Joel almost can't contain his EXCITEMENT for the future of Atom Electric, "We already have so many awesome things in the pipeline just for the coming year [2018]! It’s very exciting.  But our core aim will remain the same - produce awesome boards at prices our customers can actually afford."


Now, here's the proof in pictures of Jason Lee's Alligator Pit Flip Jump on a Mountainboard. YEP, he really did it...and holds the world's record for doing so. 🐊

Jason Lee Alligator Pit Jump on an MBS Mountainboard Skateboard

 Talk about a dare devil! 😈 Think he’d release an eboard that doesn’t drive him wild? I think not. 

Thank you for reading! We look forward to your comments and questions below...


The ElectricSkateHQ.com Team 😃

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