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Meet Our ESK8HQ Rider Melody

Meet Our ESK8HQ Rider Melody

Get to know ESK8HQ Rider MELODY...

She's our sexy sporty raven-haired Team ESK8HQ Electric Skateboard Rider. Part Cyborg -> ALL Girl, she can be found racing through Skaterville on her favorite bad-ass electric longboards. Melody's favorite food? Anything SPICY. Favorite drink? A tall cool glass of LEMONADE after a hot ride. And, she's an ALL TERRAIN junkie - riding on and off road wherever her curiosity leads her.

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Her favorite electric skateboards? Melody goes for the long ones, so here are her picks from ElectricSkateHQ:

Atom Electric B10.X

35.8" long, Atom Electric's B10.X all-terrain baddy has been time tested to shred like a demon both on and off-road. His grunty torque comes from a max 1000 Watt single belt-drive motor and can take what you throw at him with 100mm/78A MBS super high rebound tires for dirt pitching gnar-fests. This is Melody's most reached-for eboard.

Landwheel L3-AX Gen 5

37.4" long, sleek and packing max 2000 Watts power in her dual hub-motor drives, the Landwheel L3-AX Generation 5 electric skateboard packs some punch and can go the distance! Melody prefers her Landwheel for comfortable city cruising because she has a swappable battery for riding in extra long comfort.

TeamGee H6 Pintail

37" of beautiful pin-stripped blackness, Melody's favorite take-it-out and play eboard for chillin' with friends is the TeamGee H6 Pintail. So freakin' thin and freewheels so well on her dual-hub rear motors with the power off, you can't even tell she's electrified! That is, until you fire her up and push go...then she'll have you screaming all over town.


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And when you're ready for a new electric skateboard to keep up with Melody, we're here to help you electrify your ride!


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Melody illustrated by Gavin Weir @artmerc83.
Melody Design, ESK8HQ, and "Team Melody" Copyright 2018 Electric Skate Headquarters, LLC.

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