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SAVA Board i5C Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard - 1400W D... $669.99 $699.99

SoFlow LOU Board 1.0 Electric Skateboard - 1500W Single H... $474.95
SoFlow LOU Board 3.0 Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard - 3... $999.95

TeamGee H6 Ultra Thin Pintail Electric Skateboard - 760W ... $699.95

Electric Skate HQ has the perfect electric street board to fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re searching for a powerful new electric cruiser board for city use or a compact e-board to ride on campus, we carry sleek designs and feature a wide variety of ranges. Our collection of electric skateboards and longboards features stylish designs and dynamic builds from your favorite brands; like ACTON Blink, Atom Electric, FiiK, KooWheel, Landwheel, LOU, SoFlow, SurfWheel, Team Gee, and more! Choose from electric cruiser boards with exclusive grips, matchless bearings, and high-powered motors to get you where you need to go in style. Our electric street boards let you shred without the kick-push effort – just hop on and ride.