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At Electric Skate Headquarters we have a passion for electric skateboards and a drive to bring you the most proven cutting edge quality electrified boards and board conversion kits available on the market today. We're searching 'round the clock to find you exciting electrified rides from around the world. Where do you want to go...

Just looking to get around campus?  -> we have an eboard for that!
Want an economical city commute?  -> we have an eboard for that!
Hoping to have a light load to carry? -> we have an eboard for that!
Live in a neighborhood with hills?     -> we have an eboard for that!
Can't wait to get off-road crazy?        -> we have an eboard for that!
Looking to attract the bae's?              -> we have an eboard for that! 😉

Atom H.6 Electric Skateboard

Our Electric Skateboard menu is split into 3 categories: STREET-BOARDS, ALL-TERRAIN boards and skateboard CONVERSION-KITS, which you can always find in the top menu of our website. Plus, be sure to check out the availability of replacement and swap-out items under our PARTS menu; like belts, a new remote controller or batteries. And, always remember your protection; find helmets, pads, gloves, lights and skateboard protection under our GEAR menu.

When you're checking out an electric skateboard or conversion kit on our site, you can find out more information below the price in the DESCRIPTION, SPECIFICATIONS and MANUFACTURER (MFR) WARRANTY tabs.

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What's the latest eSkate NEWS? Check out our informative articles about electric skateboarding, interesting stories about the people behind our awesome eSkateboard brands, announcements (like our esk8 events calendar going live!), and meet our Team ESK8HQ Riders...


Want to join our Team Melody* or Team Gnar Man* and show your support for Electric Skateboarding??? Grab apparel or gifts for your favorite ESK8HQ Team HERE or, if you're lucky, snag some free Team ESK8HQ gear at an electric skateboard event near you! 😎

Didn't find your question answered on the individual product listings? We have a great team of enthusiastic customer service peeps who will work their tails off to find out what you need to know! Just hit the CHAT box on this screen, email us on Support@ElectricSkateHQ.com, call us toll free 833-ESKATEHQ (that's 833-375-2834 :), or fill out our online inquiry form here at CONTACT US.

At Electric Skate Headquarters, we make it our business to...


* Melody and Gnar Man illustrated by Gavin Weir @artmerc83.
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