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Atom Electric Skateboards B10.X B18.DX and MBS 100mm Replacement Spare All-Terrain Off Road Tires - Longboard Wheels

Brand: Atom Electric

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Atom Electric Skateboards B10.X, B18.DX and MBS 100mm Replacement A/T Wheels

Ships by ground within 7 days from the USA.

Replace your Atom Electric B10.X and B18.DX All-Terrain off road electric skateboard wheels with classic Black wheels, or give your eSkateboard a custom upgrade with NEW neon Green, Orange, Blue or Red wheels.

These 100mm x 65mm 78A super high rebound urethane tires make the perfect addition for longboarders looking to roll over just about any terrain while enjoying unparalleled speed, and even turning a few heads along the way!

Plus, these wheels also fit MBS All-Terrain Skateboards and Longboards as well as many other skateboard configurations. 👍

Each package contains 4 wheels of the same color.

Note that these wheels use 22mm O.D. bearings. If you need bearings, be sure to select the desired wheel color 'w/ Bearings'. If not selected, the wheels will come without bearings. If selected, the bearings are 8mm I.D. x 22mm O.D. Deville Knucklehead ABEC 9's with 8 bearings per package.

ElectricSkateHQ.com Electric Skate Headquarters Electric Skateboard Deville Knucklehead Package of 8 ABEC 9 Bearings

Add these gnarly nubby All Terrain tires to your rig and kick up some dirt for your next rad ride adventure! 

Note: For mounting on skateboards other than the Atom Electric B10.X and B18.DX All Terrain electric skateboard or MBS All Terrain Skateboard and Longboard, check the Specifications tab to make sure you are aware of the size of these wheels and the amount of clearance or lack of clearance you might have before you attempt to mount these tires on your board. You might need to add risers or cut some clearance on your deck in order to make them fit.

  • 100mm X 65mm all-terrain longboard wheels
  • 78A super-high-rebound urethane
  • Uses 22mm O.D. Bearings (THE WHEELS DO NOT INCLUDE BEARINGS unless you select the wheel color 'w/ Bearings')
  • Set of 4 Weighs 3lbs. 7oz
  • Height: 3.75"
  • Width: 2.5"
  • Core Width: 20mm

Purchaser / Rider Responsibility & Hold Harmless

Riding an electric skateboard can be DANGEROUS. It is the purchaser's and / or rider's responsibility to read and follow all product instructions, including all safety precautions, and ALWAYS wear appropriate clothing and use protective gear when riding. Protective gear can be found under the GEAR tab on the ElectricSkateHQ.com website. 

It is important to assess the rider's skill level before using an electric skateboard and adjust the beginning speed of the electric skateboard to be appropriate for the rider. Also, check the skateboard speci-fications to assure the rider is not OVERWEIGHT, UNDERAGE or the wrong HEIGHT for the electric skateboard based upon the manu-facturers recommended rider age, weight and height limitations.

In general, electric skateboards are not to be used for tricks that involve putting pressure on the bottom of the board where the battery unit is housed, such as railing or going down steps, as the electrified board may stop working and damaged batteries can be caustic and may even be DANGEROUS, plus unduly rough usage of the electric skateboard by these and other activities may void the manufacturer's warranty; it is the responsibility of the purchaser and / or rider to check the manufacturer's product manual for recommended usage and warranty information.

Street, city or urban style boards are designed to operate on solid surfaces; riding over an uneven surface may not only damage the electric skateboard's wheels and motors, but may also negatively affect the battery housing. Off-road electric skateboards are designed to handle various terrains; however, most manufacturers recommend staying away from water and wet surfaces as a wet deck can become slippery and it is recommended to never submerge a battery compartment in water.

Riders should ALWAYS BE AWARE OF THEIR SURROUNDINGS and avoid obstacles or pedestrians which may be present; the rider's electric skateboard may slide while applying the brakes or may stop suddenly. 

The purchaser and riders of electric skateboard products and accessories obtained through Electric Skateboard Headquarters, LLC, and / or ElectricSkateHQ.com, are responsible for knowing and obeying all country, state, province and local regulations regarding the proper use, possible licensing requirements and disposal of purchased products.


The purchasers and riders of electric skateboards and accessories obtained from Electric Skate Headquarters, LLC and / or purchased through ElectricSkateHQ.com, shall use these products at their own discretion and risk, and shall hold Electric Skate Headquarters, LLC, it's employees, associates, partners, affiliates, agents, heirs and / or assigns harmless for any and all loss, liability or damages to property or fines, personal injury or loss of life to persons as a result of purchaser's and / or rider's use of products purchased.

Type: Parts

Brand: Atom Electric

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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